Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Paying Cash For Sports Cards And Collectibles

- Sports Cards We're Buying: 
  Pre-1979 Single Cards
  (All Sports Especially Vintage Baseball Cards)
  Pre-1980 Complete Sets
  Pre-1975 Graded Cards (PSA, BGS, SGC, GAI)
  High End Rookie Cards (Graded and Ungraded)
  Extremely Valuable Autograph Cards, Jersey Cards,
  Patch Cards, Low Numbered Inserts, 1/1's, etc.
  Unopened Boxes and Cases    
  Call Toll Free 1-877-570-1437

- Gaming Cards We're Buying:
  Unopened Gaming Boxes and Cases
  Magic the Gathering Single Cards
  Pokemon Cards (Holographs)
  Yugioh Single Cards
  (Super, Ultra, Ultimate, and Secret Rares)
  World of Warcraft Single Cards (Loot Cards)
  We also buy Miniatures, Non-Sport,
  and other Gaming Products!

  Have Cards or Collectibles To Sell?
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  Call Toll Free 1-877-570-1437